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Enviromat Sedum Matting

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Enviromat Sedum Matting

enviromat sedum mattingEnviromat sedum matting gives you an easily to maintain  beautiful flower garden where you thought it was impossible for plants to survive.

Instant impact

The beauty of Enviromat is that it gives instant results.  The pre-grown plant mats are despatched with at least 95% plant coverage.  All you need to do is unroll them onto a prepared area, water them in and then sit back and admire your work.


Enviromat sedum matting is used by architects, garden designers and green roof specialists to create living green roofs quickly and easily.  It also makes great low maintenance ground cover.

The mix of seven different plant species has been specially selected for an ability to thrive in the sometimes hostile environment on top of a roof.  The plants are drought tolerant, frost hardy and remarkably easy to care for.

Easy to install

Enviromat is the only UK grown sedum matting with built in support netting for long life and easy handling.  

Using our tried and tested build-up our sedum mats can be installed with confidence even on to surfaces where there is poor or no soil.  

Quality and service

Customer service and quality control at Enviromat are second to none.  Sedum matting is delivered within hours of being harvested and is inspected before it leaves our farm to ensure a good mix of strong healthy plants. We do all we can to ensure that your project will look fantastic from the very beginning.

RHS perfect for pollinatorsRHS approved

Ideal for green roofing or for low maintenance ground cover, Enviromat is a great source of pollen and nectar and has been approved to carry the RHS Perfect for Pollinators logo. 

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