small tortoiseshell on sedum

Conservation Counts

Butterflies and moths react swiftly to changes in their environment - so the weather, the availability of caterpillar food plants, pollution levels and human activities will all have an effect on butterfly numbers that can be measured quickly and relatively easily.

The charity, Butterfly Conservation, organises an annual butterfly count, which over a long period of time, will be able to monitor how different species of lepidoptera (the family name for butterflies and moths) are coping with any significant changes to their surroundings and this information will be used to help conserve these wonderful creatures and, of course, any other living things that share their habitats.  For if butterflies are in a muddle, it's a fair indication that birds (who eat caterpillars), small mammals and possibly even wild flowers are also struggling.

Take part in the Big Butterfly Count

To take part in this important survey, all you need to do is spend 15 minutes outdoors in the sun and record all the different butterfly species you see.  Upload your findings to the Big Butterfly Count website and that's it, you're done.  Simple.

Creating butterfly habitat

Butterflies in the UK are not generally fussy eaters and will benefit from any nectar rich flowers that you choose to plant.  Just make sure that the flower shape is such that nectar is easily accessible - so tulips for example are hopeless for butterflies because their wings won't fit inside the flower, sedums on the other hand have wide open, star shaped blooms that are just perfect.

sedum edging


Not everyone is a gardener, indeed not everyone has a garden, but most of us have room for a little patch of sedum matting that will provide plenty of food for butterflies during the summer months.   Here are some ideas using Enviromat sedum matting.

  • Replace one or two of the slabs in your patio with sedum matting
  • Create a living green roof
  • Put a sedum topping on your bird table
  • Use sedum matting on top of a wall
  • Have a narrow strip of sedums alongside a path



The wonderful thing about Enviromat sedum mat is that you don't need to be a gardener to encourage butterflies into your outdoor space.

For more information and design ideas, download one of our Free guides to installing Enviromat either on a green roof or on the ground.

Download Green Roofing Guide

Download Sedum Groundcover Guide