Love Your Garden with a Sedum Roof

In the episode of Love Your Garden, screened on 30th July 2013, Gardening Guru Alan Titchmarsh uses sedum matting to create a living green roof on a summer house.

Alan Titchmarsh on sedum roof

The brand of sedum matting wasn’t Enviromat – although Alan does regularly use Q Lawns turf, grown on the same farm as Enviromat on his program – but nevertheless it was good to see someone of Alan’s calibre creating a sedum roof on a garden building.

Alan and his team were transforming an unloved back garden into a colourful and interesting wildlife haven for Rhyanne Nixon, a lady who has been confined to a wheelchair by Motor Neurone disease.  The planting plan included all sorts of bee-friendly flowers, a green roof, a chicken run, a veg garden and a beautiful pond.  It’s amazing how much one can do in a small space – particularly when the plants are everywhere – including the roof.

If you would like a green roof on your shed or summerhouse, take a look at our “how to” video or download our free installation guide.

Video:  How to make a sedum roof on a shed

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