Damaged roof? Consider an Enviromat replacement

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If it hasn't already hit you, the wild winter weather is predicted to be on its way. While most of the country might not get four foot of snow like the tabloids claim, high winds and plenty of rain are certainly on the forecast.

That combination could easily lead to damage to your garage, patio, stable, outbuilding, garden shed or other roof.

man working on roof

When investing in major roof repairs, why not get extra value by installing a living green roof?

Rather then getting a drab like-for-like replacement, an Enviromat green roof can make a bright addition to your winter garden or property.

looking down on a sedum green roof

A sedum green roof is so much nicer to look at than plain waterproofing AND it helps insulate the building

Our sedum matting base is environmentally friendly. The range of stonecrop and other plants that are embedded and thrive on the mat can help keep the birds and insects happy as they adjust to our ever-changing, and slightly warmer winters. We're still seeing the odd bee bumbling about in mid-December.

We can install and help maintain your Enviromat, or enthusiasts, self-builders and developers can do it themselves.

Enviromat can be added to your home or office, school or commercial properties, and the benefits include an instant transformation of the roof, a distinct feature to impress neighbours and neat low-maintenance flowers to brighten up the area.

Green benefits include helping improve air quality, helping to keep buildings warmer through natural insulation and helping biodiversity.

The Enviromat beds can be installed with no drainage matting on a sloped roof, but we recommend the use of matting on a flat roof to prevent a build up of water that can pool and add weight. Enviromat sits on top of standard waterproofing.

Installing a living green roof

If you're not confident working at heights, our installation service is available and we have all the right equipment and tools to do a perfect job at a very reasonable price.



Your green roof can last for decades and is easier to protect and manage than a garden, especially if you have dogs. They can be fitted to buildings large and small, and also used for edging for ponds or water features, planters, borders and topiary. So, if some of your buildings take a hammering this winter, consider an Enviromat as a better solution when it comes to fixing things up for a brighter future.