Living Landscapes

Twitchers – ultra-keen bird watchers – normally have to trek across miles of open land to find their quarry; but thanks to CouCou and Enviromat, you can now twitch in the city too – and from the comfort of your garden deckchair.

Actually, instead of a deckchair, this award winning design at this year’s Hampton Court show featured a woven egg-like willow cocoon – much more comfortable, but the result is the same, a garden design that is simple and inexpensive but transforms even the smallest space into a mini paradise for native birdlife.

We first met Sarah Keyser, CouCou’s designer, at a landscaping talk in Oxford, where Sarah was immediately intrigued by our sedum-rich Enviromat. So intrigued, in fact, that she decided to make it a key component in her City Twitchers design (sponsored by Living Landscapes) to show how attracting birds sometimes means attracting other wildlife too.

“Urban gardens need to include plants that allow wildlife to thrive,” she explained in a press interview. “For example, the sedum turf in the City Twitchers garden is inhabited by bugs and wildlife which in turn feeds the birds.”

Well, we’ve known for years how easily our Enviromat attracts fascinating wildlife, so it’s great to see it used in his way – and in such an imaginative award-wining project. 

Take a look at the photos; you’ll see how Sarah has cleverly laid the Enviromat on the tops of the many bird boxes in her design. This brings the delicious insect-suppers right to the door of the birds you’re watching! And of course it also helps to prevent the vulnerable young chicks from overheating when the sun’s blazing down on their box.

Nature needs Enviromat!

We created Enviromat because we love our indigenous wildlife and want to help people to preserve it in their gardens. And this is becoming more urgent than ever. The RHS has worked hard to draw attention to the worrying decline in the number of planted front gardens. These small spaces are being increasingly dug up and laid with tarmac or paving. And when the excuse is “we don’t have time to maintain a front garden” that really makes us want to scream.

You see, the beauty of Enviromat goes beyond the profusion of colourful clowers and foliage, and even beyond the proven benefits to our threatened wildlife. Enviromat is really, really easy to look after! In fact, if you want a planted landscape in your front garden with barely any maintenance, you couldn’t choose a better solution.

Enviromat’s sister companies, Q Lawns and Meadowmat, also feature in this year’s award-winning entries at Hampton Court, with another Silver-Gilt (in the show garden category) and a Gold (Best Historic Garden) as well as 3 stars as a first-time trade exhibitor.

But special congratulations to Sarah and her award-winning City Twitchers garden design. Our birds and bees, butterflies and insects need people like Sarah to show how easy it can be to enjoy a beautiful, low maintenance garden AND support your own mini wildlife reserve right outside your front door.

So, if YOU feel inspired to recreate some of Sarah’s ideas in your own garden, you’ll be delighted to discover how easy it is to install Enviromat. You can find out more here.