Green roof maintenance

What a difference a year makes

As the light fades and the weather starts to turn for the worse, it is a sure sign that winter is on its way.

Time to pack up `Dolly’ the trolley and lock the fertiliser away in the shed, we still have a few jobs to do on the roof, such as weeding and grass removal but in the main the season is over for us.

We have had some good results this year; the weather has been good for most things green in this world;

This was taken June 2013................................

unmaintained living green roof in june 2013

 This was taken July 2014, Can you spot the difference? It is amazing what a bit of fertiliser can do.

well maintained green roof july 2014

Essential green roof maintenance jobs

Remember Green roofs are living things and like all living things, they need the basic building blocks of life to survive.

Sunlight, water and nutrients are the things a sedum green roof will need to survive.

Mother nature provides sunshine and water, but if you want the very best results from your green roof, you must help it along with a spring/summer feed.

Be sure too that gutters and drainage outlets are kept clear, unwanted plants are removed at least once a year and that fallen leaves and other debris don't stay on the roof for any length of time.

Getting help with green roof maintenance

If you need any help or advice concerning your green roof please contact us at  Click here to send us an email.


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