Green Roofs on the move

Green roofs have long been hailed as a good solution to pollution and the urban heat island effect in cities and now their scope has been greatly expanded by a new eco-friendly bus that will absorb harmful CO2 emissions.

PhytoKinetic, a system developed by Landscape artist Marc Granen uses condensation from the vehicle’s air conditioning system to water the green roof.

green roof bus

His first green roof bus is being used to transport tourists to and from a nature and camping facility in Girona, Spain.  He has also completed a van with a PhytoKinetic roof.

Q Lawns lorries have a green roof painted onto their cabs to advertise Enviromat sedum matting so I asked our Transport Manager, Patrick, what he thought about adding real live green roofs to our vehicles.  I have to say that he was intrigued by the idea, loved the novelty value but was concerned that the extra weight of the green roof might have a detrimental effect on the trucks’ fuel consumption thus cancelling out all the environmental benefits that the green roof would afford as well as the ones that have been engineered into our lorries.


It would be fun though – maybe I’ll see if my husband will let me put plants on top of his tractor cabs.