Why green roofing is the perfect roofing solution for your glamping site

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The so called ‘glamping’(or glamourous camping) market has sky rocketed in recent years in accordance with the rising popularity of ‘staycations’. Said to be driven by the millennials or ‘Generation Y’ who seek out more natural and unique experiences, the glamping phenomenon has become increasingly popular and proves to be a shrewd investment for land owners.

Attracting a demographic that is keen to be at one with nature, while wanting a few more home comforts, the green roofing phenomenon offers the perfect roofing solution for any budding glamping site owner.

3 reasons why an eco-roof is a smart move for your glamping site plans:

1. Environmentally friendly

If you’re thinking of setting up your own glamping site or if you’re converting an unused shed, treehouse or summer house into a luxury haven, the sedum roof can offer the perfect environmentally- friendly roofing solution. What’s more, your potential glamping guests will enjoy the fact that their room for the night also offers a refuge for the endangered honey bee and other vital pollinators.

 sedum plants peeping over the edge of a living green roof

A living green roof on the office or service building of your glamping site offers great PR as well as a whole host of environmental benefits

2. Cost effective

In the winter months, a sedum roof can reduce heating costs by up to 23% while in summer months, a green roof can also reduce the need for air conditioning by up to 75%. Providing both heat and sound insulation, the green roof minimises the costs of heating while reducing the need for investment in other heat-retention instalments such as double glazing or extra construction work.

3. Easy installation and maintenance

Installing Enviromat is quick and easy, but we can also offer a bespoke installation service to help get you started. Sedums have been dubbed ‘the ideal plant for the busy person’ which means they offer the perfect roofing solution for any glamping site or structure as it enables you to leave your guests in peace throughout their stay, without worrying about watering and maintenance.

living green roof on a contemporary garden building

The sedum roof on this garden office was installed in just a couple of hours

For more information on our installation service or to download our free green roof installation guide visit the 'Installation' page of the website.

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