Sourcing sustainable green roof products

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A green roof is all about sustainability and that needs to be thought about at the design and specification stage.

When looking for prices and thinking about suppliers, it's well worth asking yourself "where does this come from?"

This photo-blog takes you on a tour of the Enviromat sedum matting production unit in Norfolk UK.  You can see for yourself how and where Enviromat is grown.

sedum matting production field under irrigation

Sedum matting in early spring.  The plants are irrigated as and when necessary using water drawn from the farm's drainage channels.

All Enviromat sedum matting is grown out of doors - no hot houses here.  The plants are very well acclimatised to UK weather conditions.


saxifraga granulata blooming on sedum production fields

Saxifraga granulata blooming merrily.  Not the wild flowers in the field margins.  Biodiversity is actively encouraged on this farm.

ladybird on sedum matting

buff tailed bee on enviromat sedum flower

 butterfly on enviromat



Enviromat production:  Hedges and ditches to conserve wildlife

Enviromat production: Pigeon uses sedum plants as nest