The poor old bees have had a tough time over the years, what with wrongly being seen as pests. The inherent fear of bees is often an irrational one, or one that harks back to a traumatic childhood experience. In truth, bees mean us no more harm than we do them. Well now the bees are in the news for a very different reason. Unfortunately, we're now left asking, 'Where have the bees gone?'.

Bee on Sedum

Well, the answer is that the massive increase in the use of pesticides along with other modern intensive farming techniques has seen the bees dying out, with an estimated 97% of their old stomping grounds now being affected. In fact, the rapid decline of the bee population, not just in the UK but around the entire globe, has got to such a worrying level that a huge, worldwide bee conservation effort has begun. 

There is a slightly selfish element to this bee conservation plan, and that is due to the fact that it is estimated that up to 90% of our food is pollinated by bees, with over one third of it entirely dependent upon them. Over the years, scientists have made claims as drastic as that if bees were to die out, the human race would have only four years of life left. This worrying point aside, why should the bees die out simply due to human greed and thoughtlessness? 

Don't think that you're helpless in easing the plight of the bee, however; there is a lot that you can do. By keeping a bee friendly garden, and being mindful of the products and foods that you buy, you can encourage bees to live, grow, multiply, and prosper once again. The best way to make your garden bee friendly is to plant plenty of flowers, especially the wild variety. Also, do not use harmful pesticides.

Installing an Enviromat green roof is an excellent way to invite bees onto your property. Enviromat is a living carpet of flowering plants such as sedums that bees will love to investigate and pollinate. 

To find out how quick and easy it is please watch our installation video.