How to find a green roof contractor

Some of you may be contemplating having a new extension, new shed, even a new summer house, if you are, there is more to think about then just what colour to paint it.

I am going to tell you about the benefits and joys of having a green roof; I’m also going to give you advice on finding your own green roof contractor.

Why have a living green roof?

Benefits: - Attracts and supports wildlife, without pollinating insects we will have no food.

  • Insulates from the heat and cold, resulting in cheaper bills.
  • Extends the lifespan of the waterproofing layer, can help to double the lifespan of your roof.
  • Drastically reduces the amount of storm water that is put into our sewers and waterways, this is important as global warming and flash floods are happening throughout the country.
  • It can also reduce the noise from outside; ideal if you like somewhere quiet or you live in a busy city centre. Also a great idea for recording studios.
  • And the most important thing, it looks fantastic all year round. In the colder months some species of sedum turn a red, orange colour.

Who should install your green roof?

Installation of a green roof is a specialist job that requires a different skill set and qualifications than a normal roofing project.

Your contractor should be qualified; competent to work at height ; have the relevant insurances in place in case of accidents or damage to the waterproofing. If you are un-sure CHECK.

The contractor should have horticulture experience and preferably be involved with the production of the plants to put on the roof, this should help catch any issues before it arrives on site.

Examples of work from experienced green roof contractors

Below are a few installations carried out by


A very new installation - this picture was taken before the sedum plants had fully recovered from their usually takes a couple of days.  The sedum mats have been carefully fitted so that there is no danger of wind uplift.

     newly installed sedum roof on domestic roof in London


No need for edgings on this roof as it has a raised sill.  Kevin and Dom have made a neat job of trimming around the roof lights.

domestic sedum roof in Edinburgh


This customer opted for a neat pebble border to give a contemporary look and feel to the roof.   

   living sedum roof; domestic project in Loughborough                                                                                                  


Access here was a bit tricky but Kevin and Dom are at once competant and confident when working at height.  This roof will be beautiful to look at from an upstairs window.

     sedum green roof on kitchen extension in Cambridge


UK-wide green roof installation

If you need any advice or would like to order your green roof please contact Enviromat.  We cover the whole of the UK and use quality-controlled sedum mats grown on our farm in Norfolk.

We can also advise you on green roof maintenance and on all aspects of  making your own living green roof.

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