Boost your business’ green credentials

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From window displays to offers and building contacts, there are plenty of ways to drive custom to your small business.

Whether you’re a graphic design agency or a small designer boutique, finding your niche and what appeals to your customers is essential.

Show customers that you care for the environment

Being visibly eco-friendly could be a great way to encourage customers to use your business, as they’ll be able to feel good about themselves and their choices while they’re spending money with your business.

Solar panels, recycled paper business cards and upcycled furniture and interior décor are all visual clues for your customers that your business invests in helping the environment – and of course, shouting about your credentials through other channels will help, too.

Tell people how you're making your business greener

Make sure you’re talking about how you’re making your business greener on social media, in press releases and in any interviews that you carry out; the more you’re able to shout about what you’re doing, the more people are likely to make the link between your business and greener living.

Make a visual commitment to improving your local area

Installing a sedum roof can be a very visual way to make your building eco-friendly; as well as helping to encourage local biodiversity by providing an environment for wildflowers, mosses and small animals it can help you to insulate your building, keeping heat in and reducing the amount of energy that you have to use.

A green roof provides a look that’s very modern and aesthetically pleasing for your colleagues and customers to look at but it’s also a brilliant visual clue for the rest of the world about your commitment to green issues and the environmentally-friendly ethos of your small business.

corner of brick building with sedum green roof

A sedum green roof is a great talking point and demonstrates your commitment to improving the environment

A green roof needn't be huge to have an impact - do you have a bin store or a bike shed? Either of these can provide a nice resting place for insects and birds and will solicit a surprising amount of attention from visitors and passers by.  The roof on a smaller building is easy to see, to touch and to interact with.  You could even use it to grow fragrant herbs.  Lovely!

Appealing to the instincts of a particular group of people, like those who care about green issues, can be a great way to carve out a niche for your business in a highly competitive marketplace. Take some of our top tips to make sure everyone knows if you operate in a planet-friendly manner and you could find new customers rolling in on the back of that fact.

How to make a light weight sedum green roof