Put some plants on the roof on your bird table to attract butterflies and turn the neighbours green with envy

bird on green roofA living roof can turn a plain old bird feeder into something truly remarkable. A layer of sedum plants atop the bird table is ever so pretty, creates a real talking point and will also attract butterflies and bees when it’s in flower.

This is a brilliant way to use up any offcuts left over from making a green roof on your shed.

What do I need?

  1. A sturdy bird table with a  “roof” on it
  2. A length of timber around 5 cm deep
  3. Protective wood stain
  4. 1 square metre of heavy duty polyethene
  5. 1 square metre of Drainage matting (only needed for flat roofs)
  6. 1  square metre of Water retention mat
  7. 1 square metre of Enviromat sedum matting
  8. Green roof feed
  9. Measuring tape
  10. Sharp knife and heavy duty scissors
  11. Watering can
  12. An hour or so of your time


Use the timber to create an edging all the way around the roof – this will stop the wind lifting and shifting the sedum matting.  You will end up with a tray on top of the roof which needs to be around 5cm deep.

Drill holes in the edging approximately 1 cm from the bottom – to allow excess water to drain away. 

Treat the timber with a protective wood stain.

cutting through water retention matMeasure the roof and cut the polyethene, the drainage mat (if needed), the water retention mat and the Enviromat to the right size.

Always cut components before putting them on the roof – you don’t want to be slicing through the waterproofing!






green roof build upAdd the green roof build up to the top of the bird table in the following order

  1. Polyethene – to protect the bird table against root damage
  2. Drainage mat – you only need this on a flat roof. 
  3. Water retention mat – to help the plants cope with a drought
  4. Enviromat sedum matting

Water thoroughly to settle the plants in

Put in a nice sunny spot, load it up with bird food and watch the birdies enjoy their new café

This project could also be adapted to suit a rabbit hutch, dog kennel or even a bee hive.

rabbit hutch with green roofgreen roof on beehivegreen roof kennelThis project could also be adapted to suit a rabbit hutch, dog kennel or even a bee hive.

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