lorry with livery

New delivery vehicles for Enviromat

Enviromat sedum matting is generally considered to be quite an eco-friendly product and so when the Directors of Q Lawns turf growers - who produce Enviromat on their farm in Norfolk - had the opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint of their delivery vehicles, the jumped at the chance.  

This week, the Company took delivery of four DAF XF105 460 ATe lorries.  The manufacturer claims that these vehicles can achieve a 2-3% reduction in fuel consumption and have greatly reduced carbon emissions due to some innovative improvements to the engine.

Every truck needs a driver and so Q Lawns are also pleased to welcome  Alan, Alvin, Paul and Martin to the team.   Alan is well known to Q Lawns customers, he's joined us from E&SJ Walpole, the other three boys are experienced drivers but entirely new to the Company.

Director Colin Brown is proud to be embracing new technology in transport.  He says “I'm keen to minimise our environmnental impact and that means thinking about what happens off the farm as well as managing wildlife habitat and making best use of resources on the land and in the office”.