6 things you need to know if you're planning a green roof for 2017

1: A green roof is an asset to any building 

A living green roof brings a myriad of benefits - provided it is properly installed.  It doesn’t matter whether you are building a bug hotel, a dog kennel or an extension to your home.  The secret to a successful green roof lies in careful planning.

living green roof on contemporary building in Norfolk

2: Green roofing isn’t waterproofing 

Make sure your building is watertight before adding a green roof buildup.  All of the layers of a living green roof - the drainage, the water retention, the growing medium and the plants sit on top of conventional waterproofing.

3: A lightweight sedum roof weighs as little as 45 Kg per square metre but...

If you will EVER need to walk on the roof eg for maintenance or installation, allow for a weight of 120Kg per square metre.  In general, I would advise anyone to err on the side of caution.  It might sound extreme to bolster up your garden shed to that extent – but with any project, safety is paramount.  Do you really want your shed to collapse when you go to feed your green roof?

4: You will need to have an edging on your roof to keep everything neat and in place

Edgings are available from www.fixfast.co.uk 

5: Green roof kits make ordering easy

A green roof kit is a simple and reliable way of ensuring you have all the right components to hand.  Enviromat green roof kits are available for pitched roofs and for flat roofs.  The build-up is slightly different for each.

6: Where to get your free guide to green roofing

The Enviromat green roof guide tells you all you need to know about installing a living sedum roof.  Contact us for a free copy.


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This video sums up beautifully how important it is to plan your green roof installation, and how easy the job is when you’re properly prepared.