Kevin and Mark from Q Lawns

Enviromat and
Survival of the Fittest


Q Lawns' representatives Kevin Harden and Mark Gurney will be joining delegates and exhibitors at Palmstead Nurseries’ soft landscaping workshop “survival of the fittest” on 27th September.

Kevin and Mark will be showcasing Enviromat sedum matting for green roofing and low maintenance ground cover and Meadowmat wild flower matting for ground use.  Both products have been designed with wildlife in mind and have a host of environmental benefits.

Palmstead Nurseries’ workshops aim to inform, educate and inspire and this year’s event promises to be excellent.  Combining scientific research, hands-on experience and interesting design ideas, the day-long seminar program offers excellent value for money at just £21 per person…which includes lunch and refreshments.

Showcasing Enviromat and Meadowmat

Q Lawns will be exhibiting live products, so while you’re enjoying your complimentary refreshments, please seek out Kevin and Mark (situated in the corner of the Kent Suite) and take a good look at Enviromat and Meadowmat. 

Enviromat cross sectionEnviromat is our UK grown sedum matting.  A mixture of six low growing sedums with a smattering of Meadow Saxifrage, Enviromat produces nectar rich flowers from April to October (weather permitting).  Because the matting system contains all the growing medium these little plants need, Enviromat can be installed on to soil-less areas such as roofs, patios, rock gardens or slopes and it also makes a fantastic alternative to a grass lawn in low-traffic areas.

As a living roof material, Enviromat is probably the least heavy of all green roof build-ups and one of the easiest to install.  In fact, the company offers a green roof installation service for anyone not confident working at heights.

Meadowmat is grown on an adjacent field to Enviromat on Q Lawns’ farm on the Norfolk/Suffolk border.

A mixture of 30 native flowering species and 4 native grasses, Meadowmat seeks to provide a rich source of nectar for bees, butterflies and hoverflies as well as habitat for a wealth of small creatures.

Not only does Meadowmat produce a wonderful floral display through late spring and into summer, it’s easy to install, gives more reliable results than seeding, and has a low cost maintenance regime. It’s perfect for local authorities looking to save money on grassland management.

As an added bonus, Meadowmat improves with age; properly managed, it will become more biodiverse and more colourful every summer.

Contact Q Lawns for more Information

For more information about either product…or indeed about Q Lawns turf, topsoil or sundry landscaping products; please call the office on 01842 828266 or email with any questions you may have.