Sedum matting and pets

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When you share your garden with children and pets, you want to be absolutely sure that they won’t come to any harm out there.   Enviromat sedum matting is perfectly safe for pets and children but just to reassure you, let’s take a closer look.



 chicken on sedum


A sedum roof.  Perfect for pollinators, but what about pets?

What is sedum matting?

Sedum matting is a unique landscaping material.  It’s made from three (sometimes four) different layers which all work together to make a great groundcover or green roofing system.

There’s a layer of plants; A layer of growing medium; A carrier fleece to hold it all together; and sometimes a layer of water retention matting stitched to the back.

cross section of sedum matting

A cross-section of Enviromat sedum matting showing carrier fleece, growing medium and plants

None of the components are harmful to pets or children but you might want to take a few precautions.

Sedum plants

Sedum plants are not poisonous – in fact one of the plant species in Enviromat sedum matting first found its way to the UK as a salad crop.  That’s Sedum reflexum and I really wouldn’t recommend snacking on it – it tastes awful!

In medieval times, sedums were used as medicine.  Monks used them to relieve haemorrhoids and to rid people of intestinal worms.  Now that makes me think that maybe they can be a bit harsh on the tummy.

So whilst sedums are not poisonous, it’s not recommended that you eat them.  Having said that, they taste so nasty that dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and children are unlikely to take more than one bite. 

tortoise on vegetation

Tortoises are a different matter – they love sedums and seem to thrive on them.

Growing material

The growing material or substrate in Enviromat sedum matting is completely inert.  It won’t hurt a thing so nothing to worry about there.

Just be aware when you’re installing your sedum matting that the growing medium is coarse and gritty.  You’ll want to wear gloves to protect your hands because it’s quite abrasive.  Other than that – no worries.

Carrier fleece

Enviromat sedum matting is grown onto a carrier fleece that has nylon loops knitted into it.  They’re there to stop the growing medium falling off the base.  For the most part, you can’t see the loops and you won’t even know they’re there.  Unless you’re a cat trying to dig a hole in the sedum matting….the loops are a deterrent to digging but they won’t do any harm.

The water retention matting is completely inert.

Sedum feed

Your sedum matting will need feeding once a year with Enviromat Natural Green Roof Feed.  We’ve checked the contents for toxicity and they’re fine.  But nobody should be eating plant fertiliser so please keep it the tub out of the reach of pets and children.

Frequently asked questions about Enviromat sedum matting

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