What to expect from Enviromat in October

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Autumn is upon us. The leaves on the trees are beginning to change colour and drop. There are fewer wildflowers in the hedgerow. Days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping, some of us have even experienced light frosts.

So how does autumn affect the sedum plants on your green roof?

Most of the sedum plants used in Enviromat sedum matting are evergreen and perennial. That means that they don't die in the winter and they don't lose all of their leaves. You will however see some changes in the colour of the foliage.

This is mainly due to cooler weather and fewer daylight hours.  The plants' metabolism is beginning to slow down in preparation for winter.

Here are some photographs taken by Production Manager Robert Allen this week. If you're seeing something similar on your roof, it's OK. That's normal.

If the plants on your green roof look different to this, or if you're at all worried about them, please email photographs to angelal@qlawns.co.uk and we'll be able to reassure you or offer advise.

autumn colours from sedum kamtschaticum plants

Sedum kamtschaticum leaves showing glorious autumn colours

sedum mat in october showing green and red foliage

Sedum foliage in October is turning from green to red.  
As winter progresses most of the leaves will turn a lovely cheery shade of red but very few will fall to the ground

sedum spurium used as ground cover

Sedum spurium used as grouncover outside the Enviromat office

sedum flower in october

Sedum spurium often blooms well into October - sometimes even November too
Great news for bees! 

Green roof maintenance jobs for October

Do I need to feed my green roof in autumn?

As the plants are unlikely to be growing fast and therefore are not particularly hungry, there's no need to feed your green roof in Autumn.

Should I weed my green roof in autumn?

Autumn is a great time to remove any plants that you really don't want on your living roof.  Keep a look out for tree seedlings that may have germinated, they really must be pulled out.

Fallen leaves on a green roof

Now these really must be removed!  If you leave a heap of fallen leaves on your living roof they will starve the plants of oxygen and light.  By springtime you roof will be bare.

Remove any leaves that have fallen into drainage outlets and gutters too.  Your green roof plants need great drainage in the winter if they're to cope with wet weather and possibly even melted snow.  

Questions about green roof maintenance?

Enviromat are here to help with any green roof maintenance worries you may have.  Simply email your questions - with photographs if you can to angelal@qlawns.co.uk and we'll get back to you within 2 working days.

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