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Enviromat Sedum Matting

Enviromat Benefits

"Sedums are ideal plants for the busy person who would like to transform a piece of land into an attractive landscape feature with a minimum of effort and very low maintenance requirements." Professor Ray Stephenson

Benefits of EnviromatBee Hive

Green plants can help to minimise the damage done to our environment by modern lifestyles. Enviromat brings all the benefits of green plants to places that might otherwise remain bare but it has hardly any impact on the way we live our lives. Requiring much less maintenance than other turf options, Enviromat sedum allows you to create a wonderfully natural area in your garden or on your roof, without interfering with a busy lifestyle. As such, it is the perfect option to add some nature into your home, no matter how limited your time for maintenance is.

  • Attracts Wildlife

    A food source for butterflies, bees and many other insects
    A safe place for mini-beasts to live and to overwinter
    Birds feed on insects and seedheads
    Dead stalks/flower stems are used by birds as nesting material
    Helps to increase biodiversity
  • Drought Tolerant

    Sedum plants need minimal watering
    Containers etc can safely be left untended while you are on holiday
  • Low Maintenance

    No need for mowing or dead-heading - saves time and mower fuel
    Feed only once a year - saves time and money, no excess nutrients to leach into water courses
  • Absorbs Carbon Dioxide

    Helps reduce global warming
    Improves air quality by releasing oxygen
  • Filters dust and pollutants from the air

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