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Enviromat Sedum Matting

Enviromat Frequently Asked Questions

When and what do I feed my sedum roof?        


how much does a green roof weigh?        


can I cut Enviromat slabs?


Are sedum plants poisonous?


can I walk on Enviromat?


does Enviromat need any maintenance?


how often does Enviromat need watering? can I use Enviromat indoors?  
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When and what do I feed my sedum roof?

Sedum plants are quite conservative with their food, they don't need feeding nearly as much as a vegetable garden or a lawn but, it is important that your green roof has enough nutrition to help it through the growing season.  Enviromat recommends that you apply Enviromat Natural Green Roof Feed to your green roof every spring, ideally in late march/early april.  As with all fertilisers, carefully follow the instructions on the packaging and water it in to activate the granules.

How much does Enviromat weigh and how do I know if my roof is strong enough?

The saturated weight of Enviromat is around 40kg per square metre; When it’s on a roof, you also need to factor in the saturated weight of the water retention blanket beneath it – around 9Kg per square metre and also allow a little extra for snow. For a typical flat roof, allow for a loading of up 120Kg/m2.

It’s very difficult to judge the strength of a roof without seeing it. Q Lawns recommends that you speak to a structural engineer or a builder before beginning your green roof project.

Can I cut Enviromat Slabs?

Yes you can, in fact the easiest and most economical way to buy Enviromat is to order it in slabs or rolls and then cut it into more manageable sized pieces. The mat is quite tough and so you will need to use something strong and sharp. A Stanley knife or an angle grinder will do the job – but for goodness sake take care not to hurt yourself or anyone else.

Are Sedum plants poisonous to pets or people?

Sedum plants are not deadly poisonous but they do taste nasty! If eaten in quantity (which is highly unlikely considering the bitter taste) they might cause tummy ache. Sedums don’t normally cause any skin irritation and so they’re quite safe to use around children and pets.

Can I walk on my Enviromat?

Enviromat is nowhere near as robust as grass when in comes to wear and tear. The leaves are full to bursting with water and when they’re trodden on, they will pop like a balloon, meaning that the plant will have to grow another leaf to replace the damaged one.

A very occasional wander across your sedum matting won’t do any long term damage but never ever step on it when it’s frozen and if you need to cross it on a regular basis, put in some decorative stepping stones so as not to damage the plants.

I’ve heard that Enviromat is very low maintenance. Does it need TLC at all?

Enviromat is definitely low maintenance compared to many garden plants, but it does need a little bit of TLC to keep it looking good all year round. The plants will benefit from an application of a slow release fertiliser such as Nutrifusion Spring/Summer lawn feed at the beginning of the growing season and you may want to remove the occasional stubborn weed but apart from that, there’s no mowing, no deadheading and only very occasional watering. Find out more about sedum plants and Enviromat aftercare for more details.

How often does Enviromat need watering?

In ideal conditions, Enviromat will be almost self sufficient for water unless we have a very long period of drought. If Enviromat is on a roof with a slope of more than 20 degrees, then you will need to check the condition of the plants on a regular basis. If the leaves start to look a bit wrinkled, then the plants will benefit from a good soaking of water to perk them up a bit.
When Enviromat is installed on to any soil-less surface, a layer of water retention blanket immediately beneath the sedum matting will vastly reduce any need for watering

Can I use Enviromat Indoors?

Generally speaking, the sedum species used in Enviromat much prefer to be out of doors all year round. Kept indoors they quickly become etiolated – that’s horticultural speak for thin, spindly stems with pale coloured leaves. However, if you wanted to use Enviromat in a short-term project, it will be OK indoors for just a few days.

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