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Enviromat Sedum Matting

Green Roof Systems


sedums on a green roof

Enviromat sedum mat is ideal for green roofs and has many benefits apart from just looking great!

What is a green roof?

green roof summerhouseA living green roof is a roof like surface that has been intentionally covered with layers of vegetation. It can be used on all sorts of different structures in both urban and rural settings creating new habitats for wildlife and potentially providing a  solution to rising fuel bills.

As the plant life is purposely introduced to the roof it is not considered unwelcome or invasive like moss, for example, that establishes itself. When installed correctly a green roof is not harmful to the existing structure but can in fact offer protection as well as many other benefits. For more information and a full list of green roofing benefits click here.


 What are green roofs made of?

Green roofs can be createdusing a range of plant types including sedums, grasses, and wild flowers. The different types, like all plants, have different needs concerning drainage, soil requirements, sunlight, and more. They can all be categorised into green roof systems that define the plants’ major needs from both you and the surface you intend to cover.

A green roof made using Enviromat sedum matting is normally an extensive green roof.  Which means that it is made from relatively lightweight layers of drainage mat, water retention mat and sedum mat; is easy to install and has a simple, non-demanding maintenance regime.

To find out which type of green roof best suits you and your roof check out our Green Roof Systems page.

 Sedum roofing

sedum roof shedEnviromat sedum matting is great for creating a low maintenance diverse green roof. It is extremely hardy being both frost and drought resistant, and is more than happy living in little to no soil making it ultra lightweight, easy to install, and weed resistant.

Enviromat contains a random mixture of up to 8 different sedums on a mat designed specifically for green roofs that provide a natural looking spread of colours and textures all year round even when not in bloom. >visit our green roof gallery


Design and Installation

If installed and cared for correctly a green roof has the potential to last for decades. It is very important that the design process is thought out thoroughly before purchasing materials as not all structures will be suitable for all types of green roofs. The installation process may also vary depending on the structure being covered. Our how-to guide will talk you completely through all the things you need to think about in green roof design and show you how to install a sedum roof.

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