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Enviromat Sedum Matting

Sedum matting for ground cover

Enviromat makes wonderful, easy to care for ground cover that offers all year round interest.  Here are our favourite pictures to inspire you.

Sedum matting close up yin and yang with enviromat
The wonderful textures of
Enviromat sedum matting

low maintenance garden designed by
David Fountain
Enviromat is used with pebbles to depict
the Yin and Yang shape

sedum mat as pond edging sedum mat edging a path

Sedum matting is a simple yet effective way
to hide any awkward flaps of  overhanging pond liner

 Narrow strips of Enviromat are used as a
pretty edge to a pebble path

sedum lawn sedum trim for shed
A sedum lawn: low maintenance, drought tolerant
and a magnet for wildlife
A great way to hide the base of a shed


More about using sedum mats for groundcover

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