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Enviromat Sedum Matting

Sedum Mat for All Year Round Ground Cover

Sedum mat for ground coverUsing sedum mat as ground cover

Imagine a garden full of natural plants and flowers, buzzing with wildlife and colourful all year round, yet it doesn’t need mowing, deadheading or pruning at all and there is very little need for feeding, watering or weeding

Enviromat Sedum matting is a very effective low-maintenance ground cover.

Ideas for using Enviromat sedum mat as ground cover

  • *   As an alternative to a grass lawn 
  • *   Slopes and banks 
  • *   Pond surrounds 
  • *   Rock gardens 
  • *   Wildlife friendly gardens
  • *   Low maintenance areas 

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Sedum plants

Sedums are succulent plants, so-called because of their thick fleshy leaves and they are sometimes known as stonecrops.  They are very drought tolerant and provided they are planted in full sun or light shade, and are not in boggy conditions*, sedums make great all-year-round ground cover

*keep reading, I’ll tell you about a little trick to help keep sedum plants happy on wet soil

  Sedum Mat

cross section of EnviromatEnviromat sedum mat is a mixture of seven different sedum species grown on to a special matting system that not only makes it easy to introduce lots of plants into your garden in a very short time (it unrolls like a carpet); but, if it’s properly installed, it can actually allow the plants to survive where there is no soil.

Enviromat contains as much of our special free-draining growing medium as the plants will ever need.  It can be installed on to concrete, used to hide a man-hole cover, put around a water-feature to hide the edges of the pond liner or even slotted between paving slabs to improve a patio.

Easy maintenance ground cover

Enviromat sedum matting will never need mowing pruning or deadheading.  It only needs one feed a year (a very easy to apply granular sedum feed) and provided it’s installed properly, there should be very little need for watering or weeding.

Can I put sedum matting anywhere?

Not quite anywhere….sedum plants need full sun and as already mentioned they hate to have wet feet.  But following our installation instructions can help overcome drainage problems in all but the boggiest of areas.

Enviromat can be walked on…but not too often.  When using Enviromat as an alternative to a grass lawn we recommend putting in stepping stones or paths so that you can access the washing line, the wheelie bin and the shed without damaging the sedum plants.   

How to Install Enviromat sedum matting on the ground

Here’s the thing; Installing Enviromat directly onto soil could lead to disappointing results.  The sedum plants will love it…but so will the weeds. So although it may cost a little more in the short term, using our specially developed matting beneath your Enviromat will keep the amount of weeding you do down to the absolute minimum.

Download our installation guide

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