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Enviromat Sedum Matting

Why create a Green Roof?

There are a dozen good reasons to create a green roof and it's incredibly simple to do.  

    • It looks fantastic.  A green roof is infinitely more attractive than an expanse of roofing felt; it can make a garden building into a feature, or it can blend it into its surroundings.  check out our gallery for inspiration

sedum green roof on modern building

    • Help for Wildlife.
      Sedum roofs create a great habitat for minibeasts such as beetles and spiders, they provide food for butterflies, bees and seed-eating birds and the spent flower stalks supply nesting material for our feathered friends

 bumblebee on yellow sedum flower

    • Insulates against heat and cold. Research has found that in summer time, the temperature under the membrane of a green roof is 15 degrees celcius BELOW the temperature of a standard roof.  In winter, it is 4.5 degrees warmer under a green roof than under a standard roof.....saves on fuel bills


    • Rainwater management. A green roof absorbs up to 80% of rainfall and releases it slowly, reducing pressure on drainage systems.  A green roof also filters pollutants from rain water


    • Noise reduction. Research by the International Green Roof Institute concludes that a sedum roof can halve noise inside a building - ideal if you want a peace and quiet in your garden office >more

 airplane flying low over residential area

    • Protects waterproofing. Waterproofing is damaged by UV light and by temperature changes.  A green roof building protects the waterproofing from both of these and can double the life of the waterproofing.  Saving money, hassle and reducing the amount of roofing materials sent to landfill >more


    • Solar panels are more efficient when on a green roof >more

 pv panels on a living green roof

    • Air quality is improved CO2 is absorbed by the plants and dust and pollutants are filtered out. This works best when the roof is well maintained.


    • Carbon sequestration.  A sedum roof stores up to 239 grams of carbon per square metre depending on the species present. If a city the size of Birmingham were to have green roofs on most of the buildings, it would be the carbon equivalent of taking 10,000 SUVs off the road.


    • Fire retardant. Testing commissioned by Bauder suggests that sedum roofs don't burn and they don't allow fire to spread across the roof surface.  Contact us if you would like a copy of the test results


    • Recreation. If the roof is strong enough, easily accessible - and safe -  a green roof design could include paths and seating areas. 


  • Wellbeing and working.  It has been well documented that looking out on to greenery helps hospital patients recover quicker and also helps folks work more productively.  Maybe then, looking out on to a green roof might help the children finish their homework!

Creating a living green roof using Enviromat sedum matting is easier than you might think.  Click here to watch our video and download our installation guides.

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