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Enviromat Sedum Matting

Why Install a Living Roof?

green roof benefitsGreen Roof Benefits

A living green roof is the perfect way to bring colour and life into any environment. It can be used to enhance rural living without the need for spending hours in the garden and is ideal for disguising conspicuous structures like sheds and bird tables. The same can be said for an urban setting. It’s the easiest way to bring a bit of the countryside into the city, great for roof gardens, garages, and offices.

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  • Great for Wildlife  
    As green roofs are so low maintenance they provide new undisturbed habitats for all sorts of minibeasts, not to mention food for butterflies, birds, and bees, and can also supply nesting materials. more>

  • Home and Office Insulation
    A cheap way to reduce household bills proven to provide warmth in the winter months and also help keep you cool in the summer. more>

  • Rainwater management
    A living roof can absorb up to 80% of rainfall potentially lowering the risk of flooding. It releases the rainwater slowly too relieving manmade drainage systems and filtering pollutants as it goes. more>
  • Protection and Waterproofing 
    Harmful UV rays can significantly reduce the life of your roof making it susceptible to leaks. Your green roof will love the sun though and provide a layer of protection that can save you money by doubling the life of waterproofing. more>
  • Sound Proofing
    A sedum based green roof can potentially half the amount of noise pollution entering your home. Perfect for those seeking peace in busy and urban areas.more>
  • Solar panels
    Not only can a living green roof help obscure a solar panel and improve the appearance of having one on your roof, it will also increase the panel’s working efficiency.more>

And best of all a green roof promises to love you back!
As with all plants it has been shown a living roof can enhance well-being and improve mood. Plus sedums are colourful all year round with a long flowering season making them enjoyable to come home to every day.

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